Betty Mayne Foundation

The Betty Mayne Foundation was established by her son David Mayne, who is an old boy of Huntley School. The Foundation is to commemorate the life of Betty Mayne who became a widow at the age of twenty nine. She was left without family other than her sons aged seven and eight. It was her sacrifice that enabled her sons to go to Huntley.

The Foundation is to assist parents who suffer hardship or to help them give their children schooling at Huntley when this would not otherwise be possible. Grants made by the Foundation are gifts not scholarships or bursaries which are won and awarded on merit.

Preference is given in cases:

  • When hardship is the result of sudden disaster, distress or anything untoward and unexpected; and
  • Where families have a connection or relationship with Huntley or have shown an interest in the school and its philosophy.

The value of the gift is $10,000 per annum for two years and is applicable to students entering the school as boarders in Year 7. The next award will be made for 2019.

The Foundation is administered by a Trust but expressions of interest should be made to the Headmaster in the first instance.